SALES TRAINING: One Helpful Social Media Marketing Sales Tip and BOOK LIST RECOMMENDS…

SALES TRAINING: One Helpful Social Media Marketing Sales Tip and BOOK LIST RECOMMENDS…
How to SAVE YOURSELF from shooting your social media marketing business in the face. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. And… be sure to pick up these books and add them to your power library:

1. Little Red Book of Selling: Jeffrey Gitomer
2. GoPRO: Eric Worre
3. Magnetic Sponsoring: Mike Dilllard

Study and execute the principles.

Let your content and “bread crumb trail” (direct response marketing with content) attract people into your sales funnel so they can inform themselves and make their own decision to buy your offers instead of being slapped in the face by your lame sales pitch daily on social networks.

Leverage that power of using social media networks as powerful trust building, communication platforms for your brand and your products/services.


NEW AFFILIATES: UPDATES NEWS and GETTING STARTED info. Traffic Generation and Funnel Setup. Many of you joined this weekend and I’ll call you personally and send you an email personally to help you get started, but this video should help for now… Click below and plug in.


Power Lead System Getting Started


JUST SHARING INFO IS NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE. These globalist controlled platforms are demonetizing and trying to silence alternative voices. You have to learn how to monetize yourself independently from these controlled platforms. There are smarter (and simpler) options. Get informed.

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