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A8, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Taipei
HCCH & Associates, Architects, Planners & Engineers.
CLIENT:Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
MAIN TYPES OF GLASS USED: TG-Offline Reflective Tempered Glass

The site for the A8 Building is located within the Hsinyi Project Area in Taipei. According to city planning regulations, sections of buildings above the fourth storey must be recessed. Under these circumstance, the building in this project is designed to have the higher areas on the north side and lower areas on the south side.


Giving consideration to the proportions of the overall massing, the high area is subdivided into two north and south masses, which are separated by a recessed glass brick wall.

For variation to the massing, the building is recessed on the north and south sides. Large areas of offline metallic micro-reflective glass is used on the southern side, whereas frosted laminated glass, divided into small grids and fitted with increase the refinement of the façade, the stairwells which are the vertical circulation of the eastern and western sides are made transparent and combined with offline metallic micro-reflective glass, adding to the feature of the stairwells.

The design for the upper arcade uses and extends the glass brick light box design concept:
the entrance glass box is used to create the image of a spacious and bright entrance. Hence, the design uses a large canopy (which attaches to the structural framework and partially in glass) which is then immediately followed by a glass entrance box, in order to clearly express location of the entry.
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