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Hsin Chuang Gymnasium
Fei & Cheng Associates
CLIENT: Taipei County Government
MAIN TYPES OF GLASS USED: TG-H Green Single Low-E Insulating Glass

The focus of this project is contemporary architecture’s emphasis on transparency. The Challenge of the project lies in the enclosed massive space imposed by the functionality of the stadium. Under this limitation, the designer craftily employed the lightness and translucency of glass, and this shows in two areas:

Entrance level: the entrances in the four directions are connected by a wide and spatious ambulatory, and they form a public space where people gather and interact. Translucent tinted glass surround the space to create a sense of inter-connection between the interior and the exterior. The glass on the one hand alleviates the feeling of tremendous pressure of the mass, and, on the other hand, introduces natural light, which improves the quality of the service area beneath the audience tiers.

Roof: In order to minimize the sense of oppressiveness in the size and mass of the large-area roof, which results from the wide-spanning space of the gymnasium,


the designer took advantage of the height difference given by the arc surface of the roof and substituted the side material of the trusses with the same multi-pane glass. Visually, this shrinks the size and weight of the roof mass; and it also brings in natural light and increases interior illumination in occasions that do not require artificial lighting, thus creating a dialogue between light and the roof trusses.

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