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Taiwan Sugar Jianshan Bei Vacation Resort & Conference Center, Tainan
C.Y.LEE & Partners Architects & Planners
CLIENT:Tai Sugar Corporation
MAIN TYPES OF GLASS USED: TG-Offline Reflective Laminated Glass, TG-Laminated Glass

Taiwan Sugar Jianshan Bei Vacation Resort & Conference Center
This project uses natural and simple methods to create a tropic leisure style, simple and elegant spaces. Hence, the entrance hall and the second floor lounge use a big panel of laminated glass to face the scenery of the central courtyard, swimming pool and reservoir. The two wings on the first floor dinning area utilize glass doors to connect with the central courtyard and fully merge inside and outside spaces.
Whenever possible, the windows of the rooms employ large surfaces of laminated glass with low sill heights. View of the landscape becomes the main focus of the space, laminated glass provides both safety and heat-resistance; in consideration for the safety of the lodgers, laminated safety glass prevents injury from glass shatters due to accidents. Laminated glass also filters out ultraviolet rays which can add comfort to a room and reduce energy consumption by the air-condition system.

Vacation Resort Stilted House on Water
This project includes “Villa on Water”, the main theme for the complex. The goal was to choose a light penetrating and moderately priced glass. On the glass design, ceiling-to-floor glass are fixed at the center of the villa axis, so when the lodger lies down, his visual axis is directly at the beautiful lake view.
Also, “corner-frame obsolescence” is another important focus for the glass design of this project. This design abandons the traditional stainless steel corner-frame design and directly connects glass to glass. This allows people inside to have a panoramic view almost without barrier to the beautiful outdoor nature.


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